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My name is Davide Giovanelli, I am 23 years old and I am a swiss glider pilot.


I discovered the #getsponsored program on facebook and I decided to apply for it. After a month, at the beginning of February, I received an email from LXNAV: "welcome to our team"


LXNAV is my first sponsor, I am very honored to represent this company. The LX9070's news was a big surprise, I couldn't believe that they had chosen me for such an important device.


Changing the panel, mounting the device, and learning a new system required a lot of energy, however the efforts were worth the result. Its complete customization allowed me to bring what I really need into the cockpit.


LX9070 was a challenge, which I decided to accept, I'm really happy and proud to use this device for my performance flights and competitions.  

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